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We once again have copies in stock of The Way of St Francis: From Florence to Assisi and Rome (Third Printing 2019). You can receive a signed copy by buying from us or you can purchase through Amazon.com and other online retailers. The $26.95 cover cost includes free shipping and handling in the US and Canada.



Thank you!

25 thoughts on “Purchase Book

  1. Very much appreciate your web page and the videos. We are planning our first pilgrimage in the next 2 summers. We are located in Enumclaw and have just started our research. I was wondering who the artist/title of the song in your 2nd video is? Very wonderful song!
    peace, Christine

    • Very cool! Do you know about the local chapter of the American Pilgrims on the Camino? You might enjoy being part of the group. Let me know and I’ll send you info.

      The songs in the second video are “Ecstasy” by Crooked Still, and “I Wish for Peace” by Michelle Tumes. Glad you like them. Buen camino!

  2. cant wait til i go on the comino in mid july l
    please god . looking forward to the experience and just being a free spirit for a short time

  3. very good indeed, i finished my my walk at the end of October and going back in 2013 to see all the bits i missed, its just so wonderful place to be, god bless all who walk the Camino.

  4. Thanks for the great videos! What is the music track for the first video? We are going to walk the Camino in March this year. Any other music recommendations would be appreciated.

    George and Jill

    • The music track is by : Marin Marais – La Sonnerie de Sainte-Geneviève du Mont By Jaque Loussier.. its a fairly old recording. Usually I give credit to the musicians or the composer at the end of the video. When I did my first Camino, Camino via de la Plate in 2008 I listened to Yasmin Levy constantly particularly one track called La Alegria. Somehow the flamenco nature of this track was very appropriate for the first stage of the walk in Andalusia. Bye the way which the caminos are you intending to walk? Bye John

  5. Thank you for sharing your 2008 Pilgrimage walk on the French Route of the Camino to Santiago in video. It brought back many memories as I was on my way one year ago come June 8. The camino has a special place in my heart that I will never forget. It was truly an amazing experience. I am currently following your blog on your camino of Saint Francis to Rome. It is wonderful to see people like yourself retracing the footsteps of a true hero. I look forward to reading the remainder of your blog as you enter the gates of Rome. Buon Giorno. Ciao. A<

  6. Sandy,
    Just wanted to “thank you” for the 2008 Camino video, it touched my heart and brought back memories of my Camino walk in 2013. I love the song “I wish for peace”….very appropriate for a Camino walk. I’m hoping to walk the Camino again soon, it heals and inspires the soul like nothing else can. Take care!

  7. Sandy,
    Just wanted to “thank you” for the 2008 Camino video, it touched my heart and brought back memories of my Camino walk in 2013. I love the song “I wish for peace”….very appropriate for a Camino walk. I’m hoping to walk the Camino again soon, it heals and inspires the soul like nothing else can. Take care!

  8. Hello Sandy,

    We are wanting to buy your most recent version of Trekking The Way of St Francis, if I purchase it directly from your website can I assume it is the 2017 edition and not the 2015 first edition? Is there a 2018 version in the works? What is the most common way people manage referencing your hard copy book on the trail and navigating updates that you issue after it was published?…via smart phone devices, i-pads etc?

    Thanks so much!


    • Hi Ricky ~ Yes, my website has the most current version. The next version is slated for 2019. The easiest way to navigate the updates is to mark them in the book before you depart and/or to print out the updates and index them to the text for quick access. Hope this helps. Buon cammino!

      • Hi Sandy,

        Thank you for the prompt response and clarifications, we really look forward to diving into your guide soon!

        All the best!


  9. Hi Sandy,
    I recently found out about the way of St. Francis and am very interested in walking the pilgrimage to Assisi from Florence next October arriving for the feast day of Oct. 4th. I’ve previously walked Camino de Santiago (from Saint Jean Pied de Port) and also Camino de Fatima (from Porto to Fatima) and am wondering how the infrastructure compares (how well the route is marked, the lodging compared to the albergues in Spain and Portugal, etc.). Hoping your guide will help answer these questions for me. Just wondering if I should wait for your next version in 2019. Do you know approximately when that version will be available to purchase next year? Really looking forward to getting your guide and learning more about this route:)!

    Thank you,

    • Nope, no need to wait for the 2019 edition. Just remember: this is a significantly more difficult walk than the Camino de Santiago. Not sure about Fatima. Still, there’s some amazing scenery and some beautiful people and towns. Buon cammino!

      • Thank you for the prompt reply Sandy, appreciate it! Not planning on going until end of September 2019 so will hopefully be able to get myself prepared for the more difficult walk, thanks for the heads up. Yes Fatima was similar in difficulty to Santiago although it had quite a bit more road walking initially for the first few days when I left Porto, but the final 3-4 days more beautiful natural paths…I did have a taste of extreme difficult hiking this summer when I attempted to do Corsica GR20, I completed the first 3 days but had to stop due to not feeling well (hydration/nutrition issues – was a hard lesson to learn but won’t make that mistake again:)…

        Couple of follow-up questions if you don’t mind:

        With Santiago and Fatima pilgrimages I never really booked ahead as far as Albergue/hostels to stay for the night and it always worked out. I was even in Fatima last October for the centennial celebration with throngs of people and was able to stay at Albergue right near the shrine only for pilgrims walking as long as you had credentials to show. Is the way of St. Francis similar to this or do you suggest making arrangements ahead of time, I do want to arrive in Assisi in time for the Oct. 4th feast of St. Francis celebration so perhaps I will need to book those arrangements ahead of time?

        You said no need to wait for the 2019 edition does that mean the 2019 edition will have just minimal changes from the current edition? And do you have an anticipated date for release of the 2019 edition?

        Thanks again for your help, I’ve always felt called to do these pilgrimages and I know it will always work out one way or another. The scenery, the people, the towns has brought me unforgettable joy in my previous pilgrimages and that keeps me coming back for more:)…

        Best regards,

  10. I ordered the book over two weeks ago and, in the age of Amazon two day delivery, I’ve forgotten how long these things take to arrive. When should I be looking for the book to arrive here in Colorado?

  11. Hi Sandy,

    I started my new year off by buying your Way of St.Francis book. Looking forward to receiving it so I can start planning my fall 2019 pilgrimage with arrival date in Assisi on the feast of St. Francis (Oct 4th)!


  12. Hi Sandy – I am leaving for St. Frances in a week. Unfortunately, I can’t make head’s or tail’s of how to get the GPS maps on my phone. I tried your instructions but it just leads me to Wikiloc – another platform? To join? I already have Guru on my phone and thought I had downloaded the maps from Cicerone, but when I open it, it starts with Spoleto via Poreta – and when I open that, it’s not really a map. My question is, can I just get along without the GPS just going from Stia to Assisi? With the way markers and your book? And, I really don’t want to be staring at my phone.
    Thank you so much,

  13. Bonjour Sandy,
    dommage que votre livre n’existe pas en français;Nous ferons ,cet été,le pèlerinage d’Assise vers Rome avec nos 3 derniers enfants (16,14 et 11 ans);Hâte de commencer…

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