Via San Francesco 2014

From May through September of 2014 I was in Italy researching and writing a guidebook for Cicerone Press on the Via di San Francesco which covers the main St. Francis sites, plus walking connections from Florence and to Rome. To read the story from the start, begin here.


Here are is my credential for the walk, my Testimonium from Assisi and my Testimonium from the Vatican:








22 thoughts on “Via San Francesco 2014

  1. Hello Sandy,
    I will walk in the Saint Francis from La Verna to Rome in the period April 30th – May 19th 2015: could you let me have the GPS tracks?
    Rossella Fenu

  2. Hello Sandy,

    I’m leaving Thirsday to start the walk from Gubbia to Rome. Could you let me have the GPS tracks and give some information about places to sleep from Gubbia to Rieti?

    My email is :

    Thanks a lot,

  3. Hi
    We will take the route from Assisi to Rome starting 11.04.16.
    Would love to have GPS coordinates of that route:)
    Hope your book is out soon.

  4. Hi Sandy: We walked the Camino Frances last year and saw that there were companies that would transport stuff rucksacks from one town to another. Have you seen anything like this on the Via San Francesco?

    Also, we are beginning to plan for a Sept/Oct walk next year and getting very excited about it. Just bought you book, and it is VERY helpful!

  5. Hi Sandy – I think you may have posted about this before but can’t find it… you were talking about baggage/luggage transfer and mentioned someone who might be able to help… Can you remember how much it costs per day/stage? I’m likely to be hiking alone (at least at first!) so it would be nice to have the option provided it was not too expensive. 🙂

  6. Hi Sandy, We are planning to walk the Camino di Assisi in October this year. I would like to get a sense of how many people walk this way. We did the Camino de Santiago last year but suspect this might be a very different experience? Is October too late in the season for this Camino?

    • Hi Rick — Among the StFrancis paths I’m always surprised when English Speakers choose the Cammino di Assisi. I’d love to hear how you chose it over the Via di Francesco, which has more resources, infrastructure and a better route.

      You’re right, it is much different than the Camino de Santiago. Roughly 1 percent as many pilgrims and much more remote, particularly if you start in Dovadola on the Cammino di Assisi. October is not too late. Buon cammino!

  7. Hello Sandy 🙂

    I am walking the way of St. Francis on my own in July 2016. I am a 24 year old student nurse from Edinburgh and have 3 and a bit weeks off from university and am itching to get away again. I walked the Camino de Santiago on my own in September 2013 and the West Highland Way (again on my own… I promise I do have friends) August 2015. I am so excited for this years adventure and my excitement is all down to your amazing book and blog (YAY!)
    I am purchasing the Garmin Oregon 650 and would really be so grateful if I could please have the GPX Tracks and password?
    Thank you for all the information you have provided us… I have been lost in a happy place reading it all 🙂

    Best wishes and many thanks,

    Sophie (fellow caminoist)

  8. Hi Sandy – we are thinking of doing a portion of this pilgrimmage, maybe the last 100km into Rome in mid-late August 2018. Apart from purchasing your book which looks great, any ideas/pointers ? Wondering about this being ‘supported’ a bit with luggage transfers which it looked like you did for one pilgrimmage years back. Any thoughts there? Be great to connect wtih you to get some mode details. Travelling and taking this in/on – my wife and our 3 kids (aged 15, 17, 20)


  9. Where can I order your book on the way of Saint Francis on your website? I really enjoyed your interview on the Camino podcast with Dave. I will be taking my husband on his first Camino Francés this year, and hope to do the way of Saint Francis next year.


  10. Hey sandy,

    We are reading your guidebook of the St. Francis way in anticipation of walking beginning of September with college friends. We all met way back at St. Bonaventure University in the early 80’s, and so this pilgrimage really speaks to us. Bonaventure and Clare and Francis were dear friends. I have tried to join the Facebook group and haven’t been admitted yet so I can’t ask any questions. Do you have any pull in that area? LOL. Let me in!! My husband and I have walked the Camino Frances and the Primitivo, but our friends haven’t walked like this yet. They are training religiously so we hope they will be alright. Do we need full sleep gear, like on the Camino? It seems like much of these accommodations are more hotel like and have sheets and pillows provided. Any advice you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Hilary

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