August 25, 2008 Arzua to O Pedrouzo

At breakfast Gail and I walked downstairs to the hotel dining room and again met an older German couple with no English. This gave Gail a chance to practice her high school/college German. Her accent is great and it was a good intellectual challenge for Gail to be pulled back into her German vocabulary and grammar and a great opportunity for me to remember how smart my wife is.

We left Arzua with the plan to cut our remaining distance to Santiago into two days’ journey. Through the day we played leapfrog (not literally) with Carol (Pinky) and Jake, and as the day’s walk through woods and near farms came to a close we discovered we were together in a hotel just off the camino and adjacent to the car road to Santiago. We settled into the hotel and ordered drinks to share with Jake and Carol in the hotel’s back garden, then had a relaxing dinner together in the hotel restaurant.

Tomorrow we would take our final steps to Santiago de Compostela, the fulfillment of much dreaming over many months.

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