May 10-11, 2011 – Bye Bye Seattle, Hello France

So glad to be heading back to Spain for another Camino Frances! This time I’m walking with my sister, Rocky (Roxanne) and my son, Luke. Rocky’s fluent in Spanish and Luke has walked the Camino Frances before (2009), so they each bring their gifts to this walk.

Short-feeling and easy flight on packed IcelandAir flight. Seats were small and hard, close together. Landed in Reykyavik. Very bleak landscape without trees or grass. Vast fields of volcanic terrain with tall mountains in the distance. Short layover on flight to Paris.

Landed in Paris. Long layover at CDG for EasyJet flight. Luke checked his backpack for 30E. No wonder EasyJet can charge so little for tickets!

Arrived at tiny airport in Biarritz. Van driver Caroline, owner of Express Bourricot van service, met us at airport and we had a long talk about her business as we drove an hour to St Jean Pied de Port. Arrived approx 21:15. Found Maison Bernat, our home for the night, and were shown to 3-person room by owner. Yellow labrador, “Fiji” was very friendly. Rocky went to bed to rest from the flight, Luke and I to a restaurant near city walls for nice dinner of fish and salad. Back to Maison Bernat for shower and to wash clothes. Then bed and slept well until 02:30 with thunderstorm outside.

1 thought on “May 10-11, 2011 – Bye Bye Seattle, Hello France

  1. Yes. I’m beginning to read your writing. Two years before, I walked the camino and am longing for it so much. Your writing will soothe my longing. Thanks.

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