May 18, 2011 Estella to Los Arcos

Walked out of hotel to find camino and who should be there but Luke and the two girls. Talked to them to see how Luke’s knee was doing. He was carrying his guitar which hopefully is becoming easier to manage. Saw Renee at the same time. She was heading to store and ultimately this was the last I would see of her on the camino.

Set off alone for Villamayor and there met Monique. Walked with her through beautiful green fields to Los Arcos where we found Rocky. Stayed at municipal albergue where saw Joanne and Kat, Roberto and Philippe, and many others. Walked much of day with Dave of Canada, so invited him to dinner with Rocky, Monique and I at Restaurante Museo del Peregrino.

Dave is a tech consultant (retired) who started a company and turned around another company in Canada, apparently leaving him fairly wealthy. His wife was born in Leon and had died of cancer in 2005, which led him to the camino to get in touch with her memory. He met a German woman here on his last camino and was married. In process of divorce from her now.

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