May 20, 2011 Viana to Navarette

Agreed to meet at 07:30 with Monique to walk and talk about why she had cried at Mass last night in Viana. She described it as a snake shedding its skin, which is painful and also the next important and beautiful part of its life. We walked to Logrono and at the house of Feliza we met Sebastian, the fun German from Cologne. When we got to Logrono we sat for coffee at the cafe/bar by the legislative building and there had a nice chat also with Sebastian. Soon it was time to say goodbye to Monique, who was very sad to part. I felt it was a blessing to have Sebastian with me (also Flaurent, the French who had walked from Vezelay) and we came to Navarette together.

Navarette held no memories for me whatsoever. Am wondering if I somehow had skipped this town in 2008 by walking on the road or something. Rocky had bused there and was waiting at the front door of the albergue with about 20 others who promptly pushed and shoved to get ahead of their fellow pilgrims. There were plenty of beds and I was assigned a cot in the attic. In the room were Nikki of Australia and Flaurent of France as well. Flaurent and i had a long conversation about the Chemin de Vezelay and he gave me his heavy Vezelay guidebook materials. Am wondering now what to do with them … all in French and also very detailed… and heavy.

Had a good sleep after a dinner with Rocky and Sebastian.

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