May 26, 2011 Atapuerca to Burgos

Had dinner last night with Natalie and Susan of Spokane and Matlan of Costa Rica. Great conversation. Natalie is a pancreatic cancer survivor and a fun lady. Talked lots about Luke and girls.

Left albergue at 06:15 after very hot night in top bunk. Walked uphill after Atapuerca and attacked by mosquitoes at cross atop hill. Then walked downhill to many small farming suburb/villages before taking the righthand option at the airport. Bad choice. Ten km of desolation and trucks. Never saw a plan take off or land by the airport I walked next to for an hour.

Arrived at Meson del Cid hotel at almost exactly same time as Michelle and Robert, who had taken the left option into Burgos. They declared their walk “tres jolie,” a reminder that I’d chosen the wrong path. In Burgos by 11:30 so walked around to shops looking for boots. Went via taxi to the Decathlon store. Huge disappointment as carried only discount Spanish brands. Saw Cloud and Tom and Alish at McDonald’s adjacent to store. They told me about the bus back to Burgos. Met up with Luke, Gal, Lila and Swiss Monique for pizza dinner — couldn’t find anything else that was vegetarian. Luke wants to walk with the girls until the last moment, rather than heading to Barcelona. Am thinking that’s ok, except leaves me with only options of hanging with Rocky or being alone. Will have to think that through. Most likely option is for me to begin 30+ km days and get to Santiago quickly so can do other things afterward, including Barcelona.

Night at Meson del Cid, planned to see cathedral in morning with Monique, then short walking day.

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