Blogging the Camino del Norte by iPhone

The screen is tiny. The keyboard is even tinier. Plus, I need my glasses in order to type. So why am I planning to blog my upcoming camino on my iPhone?
The answer is that it’s easier than the alternatives. Coin op computers in Spain usually don’t allow for uploading photos. I don’t want the weight of an iPad. And I want my blog to be as contemporaneous with my walking as possible.
Who knows, maybe Siri can help me find the best tapas each evening?


11 thoughts on “Blogging the Camino del Norte by iPhone

  1. You’ll have no trouble finding wi-fi in Cafes,Alberques etc, very few pcs about now. You willnot find Tapas or food of any kind in some overnight stops, the bocadillos became a menace! We did try to get a Menu del Dia if available after 2pm ish,some days this worked well. I will try and write you the good menu deldias spots.

    • Great to hear about wifi availability. That was my experience on the VdlP in 2010, too. I’m sad about your observation in your blog that allergies sometimes are on the outskirts of towns and getting back to a restaurant (or even cooking in a kitchen) can be difficult. However, nothing will stop me from having a great camino! I’m totally pumped!

      • “allergies sometimes are on the outskirts of towns”
        Sandy,I cant wait to read your i phone blog if we get typos like this! I have been going through my list and it is not as gloomy as that. The municipal ones are €5 a night and great value. Don’t eat in Castro alberque, tapas in town are great (I ate the meal cooked for us..hospitelaro was moved on to Sobrado after it!!). Food in Sobrado town is great. Cobreces monks don’t cook, bar there does great menu (daytime). Laredo, opposite Convent (do stay there if you can) is a good restaurant, she will invite you in. Serdio was Sunday, school alberque, good bar food (and sidre). Will send you more later.

    • Yes! This is a handy app, and I should’ve written that this is the real reason I’m taking my iPhone — the app makes it pretty simple to upload photos. The above photo of our neighborhood Apple store is an example. Thanks, Les.

      • Take care out of Soto De Luina, as you want to go to Luarca in a day you must take the high road/mountain route, the road is far too long. We stayed in Canero.

  2. Hi wallking from Bilbao to Santander on 28th June with friends. Is the route hilly? What are the tempertures like?

  3. Sounds like you’re not anticipating having issues with charging your iPhone. Been wondering what happens when everyone is trying to charge at the same time. Strategies?

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