How Do Some People Do This in Two Hours?

Day Twenty-seven: Arzua to Santiago — At dinner last night in Arzua we calculated that today’s walk of 40.5 kilometers (26 miles) would be almost precisely the distance of a marathon. Sometime during our long hours of walking today Martin asked, “how long does it take to run a marathon?” I remembered an approximate record time almost exactly, since it was nearly 1/3 the time it took me to run my own marathon in 2011.

“Two hours, three minutes was the winning time of the Boston Marathon in 2011.”

“How is it humanly possible that anyone could cover this distance in that time?” Martin said.

We shared only the distance in common with a true marathon, since our “marathon” took eleven hours and thirty minutes. The temperature reached 82F degrees (25C) so as well as the distance, the sun was a challenge during a very long and tiring day.

But we are here. In Santiago! After 700 kilometers (437 miles) walking from Bilbao to Santiago on the Camino del Norte over 27 days, this pilgrimage is complete.

Tomorrow I will write a full wrap up, but already we have seen John of Calgary, Florian of Amsterdam, and heard from Julian of Honolulu. There is sharing and storytelling and eating to do with these pilgrim friends. The night is young, but short. Let the celebrations begin!

20120625-201643.jpgMartin, Sandy, Jacqueline in front of Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, June 25, 2012.

9 thoughts on “How Do Some People Do This in Two Hours?

  1. congratulations! You are inspiring me for my walk from Biarritz via Norte and Primitive in September and October. Walking a puny 13 miles on the Souththwest Coast Path in Devon this weekend I had exactly the same thoughts as you that some folk would walk it in a fraction of the time….but would they see as much as everything flashes past them? I am not sure I will want to do a 40 km stretch.

  2. I can’t help but to share in your joy !
    Smile when you remember – and dare to dream again !
    Your Caminoist Follower…Lyn

  3. Santiago must certainly watching over you to have succeeded in finishing yet another challenging Camino – Please give him a big hug for me too…Congratulations Sandy.

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