Perugia walking tour snapshots


Map of the Centro Historico of Perugia.

The Turismo office of the Comune di Perugia has nicely divided the old city (Centro Historic) into five walking tours. Today I had a late start due to rain in the morning, but by evening I’d walked two of them — Porta Eburnea and Porta Santa Susanna. This gave me a great opportunity to try out the camera my friend Robin lent to me, and I can tell I have a lot to learn. I bravely put the camera on full automatic mode to see the effect, and often it’s not too bad.

Below are some photos of my walks, or perhaps I should call them snapshots. Either way, I’m enjoying the opportunity to explore some of the side streets and hidden sites of this lovely town.

11 thoughts on “Perugia walking tour snapshots

  1. Try to bracket, and to lock your exposures with the auto-focus feature–if any–if you know what I mean. Your iPhone has a wonderful camera. If you have no memory within, you could upload your images to the Cloud. Then retrieve them back in Seattle. Please, do let me know you require any help there-of. Oh, today is that “someday” that you should promptly to tell us about the “way” Italians cut their hand-made/foot-made cakes. Thank you kindly.

    • Since you asked, they take a perfectly nice looking round cake and cut hole in the middle — like a donut hole. Then they cut stubby, pie-like slices off the donut-shaped portion. Italian ingenuity at work.

      • What advantage does this Italian approach to cake dissection provide? Does the birthday boy/girl can get the center piece (viz, the donut hole)?

        Re your photos — a new camera is always a risk. I am looking at small photos on the web, however I don’t see them as over/under exposed. My best trick, regardless of the camera, is to use a tripod, or some variation thereof. The light in the Felipe de Neri photo is interesting. A tripod (and the timer feature) would allow you to set your camera for a very long exposure on a smaller aperture — to really take advantage of that light. What luxury that you have some time to experiment.

      • …I do not get it! Then what do you with the cutted centre piece–if you know what I mean? When are you to begin some serious pilgrimming? I just cannot wait any longer until you get to do some hardcore hoofing your way to my beloved Assisi! When are really beginning your walk? Thank you.

      • Yes, I’m equally impatient to begin. This Saturday with a friend I will explore the first day’s walk out of Florence. After that I’ll have two more weeks of language study and another week of touring in Vienna before I begin the actual walk. I can hardly wait.

  2. I really hope you brought along a compact recorder of some sort. Your observations during your actual walk would be invaluable when you get down to doing some very serious writing later on. I live here in Japan, if you want I can research to find you the best one, and send to you as soon as possible if not sooner. Olympus makes the best tapeless compact recorders for hardcore reporters there-of. They have one that can record 120 minutes on an onboard IC–ie, Integrated Chip–with some amazing editing features accordingly there-of. I for one want your upcoming Guide Book to set THE standard for a guide book of its kind anywhere–if you know what I mean. Which I really mean. Taking notes on paper would be a grand waste of your time–if you wanted to know that as well! Do let me know if I should proceed or not.

    • How very kind. I’ve actually considered using my iPhone 4s as a sound recording device to do just that. I’ll have it along anyway and would prefer not to carry additional equipment. Do you think there’s a good iPhone app that could serve this purpose?

      • I used my iPhone 4s as a voice dictation machine and to record sounds when I walked the camino. It worked wonderfully. Good choice.. and in case none of the the Perugianos say it: buen camino !

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