Mambo #5 (+Uggo) at Spoleto

After class today we had a fun excursion to Spoleto, a great town here in Umbria with much to see. I took lots of photos of the town, but I’m saving those for some guidebook someone’s writing. Here are some fun photos that I hope you’ll enjoy. Ciao!

2 thoughts on “Mambo #5 (+Uggo) at Spoleto

  1. Hi,Mr. Brown,
    your mother told me about you walking from Florence to Rome. Congratulation. I was born in Lucca near Florence>Also I did live in Rome .In Rome make sure to visit the St. Peter basilica, the Vatican museum, etc. etc. etc. there is too much to see. Rome is my favorite city. Enjoy the visiting and the walking. Pasquina ( from Mary aerobic class).

    • Grazie, Pasquina, per la tua risposta. L’anno scorzo ho camminato a piedi da Assisi a Roma. E stata bellissima! Spero di andare a Lucca . . . . un giorno. Ciao! — Sandy

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