Paradise. Hell. Heaven. Joy

Walking through the nature preserve at the start of the day in one word: Paradise.

Day 20:¬†Formello to Vaticano — 35km (21.7 miles)

I arrived today in Rome, and rather than a long winded post I’ll share instead a series of photos and captions that describe the day.

I’d have happily spent more time in the pedestrian zone of lovely Formello., my home last night.

Stuck inside the stockades on the long and winding wrong road in paradise.

A pretty bridge in this paradise of a nature preserve. The only problem? I was lost.

Hell under the Umbrella Pines. Many long kilometers of walking on the road into Rome.

Two Dutch pilgrims at the overlook at Mons Gaudi. Very sweet, and generous with their fruit.

Can’t believe my luck. i’m walking to the Vatican to get my Testimonium just as pilgrim friends Roberto and Stefano are about to enter St Peter’s Square.

See the red/white marker in the pole? I followed these for 700 km to this, the last one before St Peter’s

They were out of blank Testimonia at the Pilgrim Office, so I convinced the official in the Sacristy to write mine by hand. He mispelled my name, but that makes this one even more special. Inside St Peter’s, designed as an image of Heaven on Earth.

Joy. A fantastic walk over many days. Full of memories.

3 thoughts on “Paradise. Hell. Heaven. Joy

  1. Thank you so very much for ‘taking me along’ on your Way to Rome. I have enjoyed immensely’ walking’ with you. The gorgeous photos and intriguing videos and of course the wonderful writing have given me much excitement and enthusiasm for maybe making the journey myself one day. But if it is not possible I will have a sense of satisfaction knowing I ‘ accompanied ‘ you through your lovely invitation per your sharing in the blog. I am so very glad you made it to Rome in good health and high spirits and even had people there to greet you. Thank you, Jenny

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