Back on the road and loving Umbria’s rolling hills

Day 11: Città di Castello to Pietralunga — 13.6 km (8.5 miles)

Tuesday night was spent with one of our group at the hospital. Though she was released yesterday morning, it’s clear that getting back to 100% will take an extended time. We said goodbye to her and her roommate this morning as we headed on to Pietralunga while they made plans to either take a few days off the trail or return immediately to the US. Meantime we all agreed that Hotel Tiferno in Città di Castello is a remarkable place to which we’d all like to return.

After our sad farewell we walked the quiet and green portion of the trail between Bar il Sasso and Pieve di Saddi, a 4th century church partway to Pietralunga. Tomorrow we head to charming Gubbio.

Starting under grey skies.

Clouds break up for long distance views.

Looking back toward Città di Castello.

Ever marching onward.

Cheery, rolling hills.

Sue, Kim and Gary.


Pieve di Saddi, now a pilgrim hostel. Still a 4th century church.

1 thought on “Back on the road and loving Umbria’s rolling hills

  1. So sorry to hear one of your people was hospitalized. We ran into her this morning, looking like she was on the road to recovery. She was taking a taxi, on her way to someplace to rest up a bit. She and her roommate seemed to be in good spirits.

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