Leading a fun and happy new group to Rome

Pilgrims, from left: Grady, Danielle, Fiona, Lynn, Mary, Mary Ann, Lisa, Denise, Millie, Mary, Mike.

Day one: Assisi to Spello — 13km (8.3 miles)

As we began our day, our group took a quick stroll through the historic Basilica di San Francesco. We headed to Basilica Santa Chiara and then left town, traversing Monte Subasio, to lovely Spello.

Two weeks ago our prior group met Elizabeth, an Austrian pilgrim. Today we saw her here in Assisi, finishing her walk.

Mike and Mary leaving Basilica Santa Chiara.

Example of our trail.

Another example.

This little fellow accompanied us for about five kilometers.

Group climb.

And behold, Spello

10 thoughts on “Leading a fun and happy new group to Rome

  1. Between Trevi and Spoleto. The part where we follow the shoulder of the highway toward the Strada Statale Flaminia bridge. Then you say “just before the bridge, follow a right-turn lane in the direction of Assano and turn right off the highway. Cross the railroad tracks, then cross under the bridge and 200m later turn….” : very unpleasant and dangerous (cars high-speed, narrow shoulder ). I don’t know if it’s me who got confused here. Also there are some construction going on. But… God! I wanted to get out of there. Was so relieved to meet the bike path!

    Spoleto. San Ponziano : 43€ single room


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