Mountain paths, amazing views

Bas-relief sculptures from 10th century on the facade of Spoleto’s Chiesa San Pietro

Day four: Spoleto to Ceselli — 17km (10.6 miles)

With the Ponte delle Torri closed in Spoleto we walked around via San Pietro, then climbed the giant hill. From there it was over the hump to Valnerina and our overnight at gorgeous Abbazia San Pietro in Valle.

We gave hikers the option of walking today’s mighty hill or taking the van. Five of eleven walked with me. Here we gather for a photo.

The currently closed bridge.

Hiking up toward the summit after Monteluco sanctuary.

Eating at the lunch pasture.

Photo op above the gorge.

The gorge.

“Look how high up we are!”

From below, that is where we were. Way up there above the cliffs

Our stop Forbes the night — Abbazia San Pietro in Valle.

5 thoughts on “Mountain paths, amazing views

  1. Hey there Mr Sandy Brown. I have just finished the walk from Assisi to Rome using your great book. I flew back to the UK on the 20th so you guys were not far behind me. I also did Florence to Assisi last year after the passing of my wife in 2016. We were both in Tuscany for a vacation in 2015 and I remember reading about Via di Francesco. It came back to me as my wife was passing. I found your book on line, booked the flights and hit the The trail last September. Somehow this journey has helped through the grieving process and I can’t thank you enough for putting the guide together as I am not sure I could have done it without. I now have lots of wonderful memories and the great satisfaction of achieving this goal. I met some lovely, warm,friendly people. I have also found a new self confidence that will carry through the changes in my life. I also did this solo with a large pack on my back and at times it was a tough road.
    Take care and once again thanks.
    Buon Camino.

    Paul Coulter Brown.

  2. Looks like your trip is progressing well! We leave Assisi tomorrow.

    On foot, how do you get from the trail to Abbazia San Pietro in Valle? On my map it looks like there is a river in the way. Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated.

    • So sorry to have missed you in Assisi. I’m hoping you had a wonderful time.

      Abbazia San Pietro is above Macenano, so you walk from Ceselli to Arrone but turn right when you arrive at Macenano where there is a handy bridge over the Nera River. Walk through Lower Macenano to the highway, then just past the 3Archi Ristorante there’s a steep road which you walk through Upper Macenano. Turn left at the fountain and you’ll come to Abbazia San Pietro at the end of the road. Glad you’re staying there. I love it. Keep in touch and buon cammino!

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