Walking our way to a rest day

Francis mosaic at La Foresta.

Day eight: Poggio Bustone to Rieti — 20.7 km (12.9 miles)

After several of our people returned from the convent above town, the rest of us climbed to Chiesa San Giovanni and then down the hill toward Cantalice, La Foresta and finally Rieti. We’re staying in a quiet [and maybe embarrassingly posh] hotel on the outskirts of town while we enjoy a well-earned day of rest.

for fun I’ve added up my walking distance this year to date — 836km (520 miles). Remaining distance to Rome is just over 100 km, so I’ll end short of my 1000 km goal due to two missed and a few shortened stages, but I’m feeling a great sense of accomplishment and a kind of physical satisfaction/ecstasy. It’s been a good two months and I’m planning to savor the remaining days.

Poggio Bustone from below.

Climb every mountain.

First group arrives at Cantalice.

View down into Cantalice.

Denise conquers the umpteenth stairway.

Il sentiero.

Every time I see these statues they seem to be singing.

Leaving Santuario La Foresta.

Looking toward Rieti.

St Francis statue at Rieti Cathedral.

Caught on camera eating watermelon gelato with Mike (photo credit: Mary delRe).

Our Rieti-based travel agent stopped in for a chat and brought some of his son’s pilgrim-themed micro-brew. Note the St Francis beech tree and Santiago scallop shell.

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