New friendships made as the miles accumulate

May delRe’s photo of our group at dinner. Our hotel was once a prince’s hunting lodge

Day nine: Rieti to Poggio San Lorenzo — 21 km (13 miles)

We walked from Rieti to Ponte Sambuco where we met three Austrian Pilgrims and had lunch. Then the stronger walkers went on to Poggio San Lorenzo while the others returned by van to the hotel (Villa Park Potenziani) where they enjoyed a few more hours in the lovely setting. I’m loving how barriers are coming down in the group and we are starting to really enjoy each other’s company.

We walk along Via Salaria to leave Rieti.

Roman bridge at Ponte Sambuco (third century).

Ornaro in the distance.

Our group in the woods.

Look closely at the sign and you’ll see the group is at the 100km left to Rome marker.

2 thoughts on “New friendships made as the miles accumulate

  1. Sandy, we’re New Zealanders about to start the Camino from Florence to Assisi. At home the rule is register with our local Department of Conservation before going into outdoors. Is there anywhere we can register our intentions and and who can we contact should there be an unexpectec emergency while o the trail i.e who do we ca for help? In NZ there is a National Search and Rescue Service. Is there an equivalent here in Italy? Many thanks, gratzie, Tess Redgrave and Ani Tylee.

    • Congrats on your walk! I lost the emergency numbers in the guidebook’s Appendices as I recall. No org to register with, but if you’re concerned you can call ahead to you next destination lodging and let them know your expected arrival time. I’ve had Italian hosts drive to a trailhead to find me when I showed up late.

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