Day 1 on the California Mission Walk

A beautiful sunny day for this 14 mile adventure.

July 15, 2020 – Today’s stage has some beautiful scenery, and is bookended by two lovely towns – Sonoma and Petaluma. The stage included many miles along busy highways, some with no sidewalks or shoulders.

2 thoughts on “Day 1 on the California Mission Walk

  1. Sandy,
    I’ve walked in Europe for the past three years. 2017 Portuguese Comino – Porto to Santiago; 2018 Via Francigena – San Gimignano to Rome; 2019 Via Francisco – La Verna to Assisi. Each year it has been with a couple of older men. I’m 78 and was the youngest. We used your book as a guide last year. We were considering finishing the way of St. Francis to Rome this year but the pandemic shot a hole in that.
    I’m thinking that the California Mission trail might be a pilgrimage for next year. I know that you are cycling, but from what I’ve seen in your first couple of days, it looks like is would not be friendly to walkers.
    I would appreciate any input you could provide.
    Regards & be safe,
    Nick Lomonte

    • Hi Nick – I’m sorry your Way of St Francis was interrupted. I know how you feel about being shut out of caminos right now. Yesterday’s walk was much better than the day before. On Wednesday it was almost all on roadways. Yesterday was quiet roads and bike paths. I still have 20-25 days to go, so we’ll see what have rest is like. Stay tuned. 😃

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