4 thoughts on “The hunt for Mission San Fernando and getting 58 miles from a 40- mile range e-bike

  1. Sandy,
    It’s Friday, August 7, 2020. I just saw your latest post. Maybe it’s too late, but I thought I’d offer assistance if you need it.
    I don’t know what your plans are, but thought I would offer to meet you along the way. If you need anything, let me know. I live about an hour or so from the Mission San Juan Capistrano. I live in the Inland Empire. I’m happy to take you to lunch, dinner, bring you water. Blister band aids. Sun screen. Whatever you need. A ride? New spokes for your bike? I’ve enjoyed watching the updates along the route. Thanks for that!
    Buen camino,
    Jana “Gigi” Garner
    Via francigena 2010

    • You are very kind! I’ve made it through to Mission San Juan Capistrano and enjoyed help of people like Ken Keller and Jerry Edwards. It’s nice to know that if I’d been in trouble I could’ve called you, too! Via Francigena 2010, eh? Very cool!

    • Sandy,
      I apologize for this in advance, but in the interest of privacy, is it possible to remove my last comment , on which I left personal information? Or maybe the comment could be hidden from the public? Not sure who monitors your comments or how that works exactly. But it would be greatly appreciated. You are welcome to leave the comment with my initials, but if my phone number and name could be removed, that would be sweet. Enjoying the updates. Peace!

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