1 thought on “El Camino Real – America’s Up and Coming Camino

  1. Hi there! Recently (relatively speaking) I was walking in my hometown of San Marino Ca and i saw two men walking who were on the Camino Real and I stopped to chat. I have been on the Camino de Santiago 8 times now and I know a pilgrim when I see one 🙂 I wonder if you were one of the 2. Any recollection of it perhaps? Anyhow, the reason for reaching out originally here is because my husband and I and a couple of friends are planning to walk the St. Francis Way this September and I can’t find information re: backpack transfer services such as they have on the Camino de Santiago. My husband has a heart condition that precludes him from going with a pack. His cardiologist told him that doing the walk would be ok ONLY if he doesnt carry additional weight with him. One of the 2 friends has a mobility issue that would also be far too difficult with a pack.
    would you happen to know if we can find such a service ? I, for one, would not be able to carry enough on my back for two people. Thank you for your consideration and I hope that you are well and walking in peace and love. Ileana Mutch (please respond to ileanamutch11@gmail.com)

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