New website highlights current and future guidebook offerings

Over the last days I’ve put together a single website that showcases my current and upcoming guidebooks. The goal is to give people a single site where they can see what I’ve been up to and can review and purchase any of my titles. After seven years of writing guidebooks, it’s fun to see the result, and there are two more projects on the way! You can find it at

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  1. Hi Sandy, Lynn and I are hoping to walk the Via Volto Santo from Pontremoili to Lucca next Spring, if we are not on walkers by then. Have you any experience with it? Hope you are well, Mary

    • Hi Mary! Sounds like a blast. I know nothing about it, but I’ve seen a map of the route and it looks remote in the best of ways. I’ll look forward to hearing how you like it.

  2. Hello Sandy. It’s been a while since you posted, it’s refreshing that we are almost out of this pandemic and we can continue planing future walks.
    My wife and I have done the Francis Camino and Florence to Rome on our own through Camino Ways with our luggage moved daily.
    I didn’t see much on the later, my nose was in the map.
    We are very much interested in doing a future guided Camino.
    Do you have some dates and routes planed for next year?

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    • Indeed, Joe! I’m just today getting my website up and running, but there’s lots of work to do yet. I expect it’ll be ready by this weekend and then I’ll send out a notice with our tour schedule. Here are our dates: Camino de Santiago – Pamplona to Burgos 5/30-5/9/2022; Camino de Santiago – Sarria to Santiago (led by Luke Brown) 6/10-6/16/2022 and Santiago to Finisterre/Muxia (led by Luke Brown) 6/16-6/22/2022; Via Francigena – Lucca to Siena 6/12-6/19/2022; Siena to Rome 6/19-7/3/2022. After that I’m leading Florence to Assisi and Assisi to Rome. I’d love to have you! Please check this weekend for more details or let me know if you’d like to be on my newsletter list, if you aren’t already.

  3. Hi, Sandy. You sure have been busy since Leslie Ruth and I met you in Camaldoli in 2017!

    We’ve been busy, too, except for the pandemic break. We’ve walked the Via Francigena from Sarzana to Rome, and plan to walk from Lausanne to Sarzana next spring. Can’t wait to get your new guidebook.

    Will your Via Francigena Part 2 be available as an eBook?

  4. Love all your projects Sandy! I’m relocating to Sicily this September 2021 and then plan on starting the VF in England towards the end of July 2022. I have your Part 3 book, ordered Part 2, and was hoping your Part 1 would be done before July 2022. Perhaps we can chat in spring 2022 about parts of your Part 1 book? Your books are by far the best organized and informative! When are you leaving for your Part 1 research?

    • Hi Jennifer! I’m heading to Calais to begin my VF research in early July, then on and off the trail through October. The manuscript is due on May 31, so I should have a copy of the document to share with you. I’d love to hear your feedback. Let’s stay in touch on it! Happy June to you!

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