May 30, 2011 Villacarzal de Sirga to Calzadilla de la Cueza

Was late getting up and didn’t meet Sebastian until 07:15ish. Walked with him to Carrion where met Andreas of Finland and Martin of UK. Walked long road from Carrion while singing national anthems of our countries. Sebastian was not proud to sing the German national anthem, but was talked into it then was silent for a time afterward. Stopped at rest area and put in custom insoles to new boots from Burgos. Walked, then stopped at 2nd rest area for lunch. Saw storm developing in distance and decided to risk walking. Rain/hail followed and all were drenched. Stopped at Calzadilla de los Cuesas at albergue with pool and enjoyed splashing/diving into pool with Nick, Case of Netherlands, and Andreas. Nick was here, along with Germans Bea and Catia, friends of Andreas.

Scene right now: backyard of albergue. Shined and shaved Sebastian checking laundry to see if dried on clothesline. Nick giving massage to Be a on grass. Koreans at table to themselves talking. Case reading. Andreas writing in diary. Korean clipping toenails. Spanish woman talking loudly on cell phone with feet in pool. Hospitalera playing Abba’s “Dancing Queen” endlessly. I’m starving, waiting for Menu del Peregrino at local bar. Sun is now shining. beautiful day on the camino.

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