June 2, 2011 León Rest Day

Woke early and downstairs to hotel dining room, leaving Sebastian in room. Realizing now that Luke is involved, Rocky is suffering from blisters and Gail is busy with work and not writing much from home. Feeling lonely and a little sorry for myself. At breakfast met American woman, Laurie, who has walked many caminos and who invited me to consider walking the Camino Invierno with her to Santiago. This camino begins at Ponferrada and follows a river valley toward Ponte Ulla, then picks up the Via de la Plata, approaching Santiago from the south. Told Laurie I might join her, depending on how our camino family developed.

As day wore on waited on Calle Ancha and enjoyed reunions with many pilgrims from previous days. Sat with Sebastian much of the day and many other people. Learned late in the day that Rocky had left earlier that day. Saw Stefan of South Africa in the afternoon (from 2008 camino) and as always he pretty well took over — in a good way, full of humor, laughter, bawdy talk, and conspiracies. He was soon making moves on Catia and every other girl and they were on to him. In late afternoon saw Monique, then in very late afternoon heard that Luke, Gal and Lila were in town. Planned a meeting with Sebastian at 19:00 for supplies and dinner with everyone at 20:00 with Stefan in the lead. Sad goodbye to Andreas as he went on ahead.

Our group for dinner ended up as Sebastian, Catia, Martin, Monique, Luke, Gal, Lila and Stefan. First stop was dinner, then bar for shot of absinthe, followed by golden tequila for others. Then to next bar for mojitos. Best mojito ever. Left bar at about 01:00 for bed. Stefan and Sebastian closed the bars down later and I proved once again that I’m a true party wimp.

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