June 4, 2011 León to Hospital de Órbigo

Up at 07:00 and walked with Sebastian and Catia to Hospital de Órbigo. Great fun walking together, but added element of mortal terror as lightning closed in on us from the north. Got wet but no electrocution today.

Stopped briefly in Mazarife for lunch and learned from other pilgrims that Rocky was in an albergue here. We searched each of the albergues and finally found her at the last one, about 1 km backwards on our trip. Rocky was all smiles, walking again and healing up from her blisters. She was doing laundry on the grassy lawn in the sun and obviously was precisely in her element. It filled me with joy to see Rocky having a good time and I hoped this meant her camino was back on track.

Arrived Hospital de Órbigo during Medieval Fair after 37k walk. Town jammed with people in medieval garb with many vendors of crafts and food. Giant platters of cake, etc. Had 2 falafels with Sebastian and ate with Bea, Catia, and Bea’s new friend, Walter. Slept well, in spite of very full albergue with medieval fair visitors giving selves tours through the building.

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