Distance Log for Via di Francesco Summer 2014

Several pilgrims have asked me to post my distances and elevations for this year’s Via di Francesco from Florence to Assisi to Rome. So here are my daily logs, along with dates I walked each.


14 thoughts on “Distance Log for Via di Francesco Summer 2014

  1. Sandy
    Your blog so so helpful. I will walk Rieti to Assisi in May 2015 and am still fine-tuning the route and would like your expert opinion. My husband and I will be flying in from Chicago to stay in Everett WA the first week of March to watch grandchildren (3/1-8). Would it be possible to show you our plan and get your suggestions? How I wish your book was already published!
    Nancy and Joe Polacek

    • Nancy and Joe, take good notes. I hope to follow in your footsteps. I live in St Louis and would like to walk Rieti to Assisi in 2016. Fortunately I will have Sandy’s book, but I am interested to hear all about your experience. Buen Camino!

  2. Hi Sandy,
    Thank you for your very informative blog. Is it possible to contact you via email?

    I walked the CF in Sept 2012 (SJPdP to SCD) and part of Via Podiensis (LePuy to Moissac) in April/May last year. I was planning to walk the CP or CM but it seems that the infrastructure along these routes are not that developed and not quite sure if it’s safe for a solo female traveler. I have been researching and trying to find out more information about Cammino di Assisi in hopes that I’d be able to take this route sometime soon and was fortunate to stumble on your blog in this regard. I can’t wait for the release of your guidebook though I was hoping it’ll be sooner than September 2015. I am taking a six-week off comes August and hoping to walk the St. Francis’ route. How I wished too that there is a calendar, like the one in Camino Forum – by the way I am a member under the name of “foxierya” – so other pilgrims have an idea who’s walking on certain dates and the starting point and perhaps hook up with other solo travelers looking for “buddies” to walk with.

    • Hi Foxierya ~ I’m dropping you a line via email. Your calendar idea is a great one! We don’t have a calendar on it yet, but you may want to look up the “Via di Francesco (English Language)” Facebook group. We have about 65 members so far and maybe someone there would be interested in joining you.

      • Great to know. Thanks Sandy and will look up the VdF FB group. All the best and can’t wait to get a copy of your guidebook once it’s published!

  3. Dear Sandy, This is hardly a reply; more like a request. Judy and I are planning to walk from Rome to Assisi in the Fall 2015 arriving in Assisi for the Feast of St. Francis on October 3/4. We are doing the route you know so well in reverse, but all for the right reasons, of course. We already walked the Camino de Santiago in the Spring 2011 (Leon to Santiago) after the unanticipated death of our 24-year old son Nathaniel several weeks earlier. Want to know more about us? Check out http://www.walkingwithnathaniel.org . I so wish your walking book were available right now. I had instinctively mapped out a rough walk route from Rome to Assisi that traverses the very towns and villages you mention on your website. Of course, I’m not exactly sure what the precise route is to benefit fully from the Way of St. Francis, and how one can be sure that s/he is on the right path. I’m sure your book provides pilgrims with that kind of important information. Can you help us out a bit pre-publication? Can we buy a rough copy ahead of time? Want help editing? My wife Judy is an experienced English teacher who is about to retire. Yes, we are in that “Limbo” you so appropriately described in a blog. Any chance we can slip into a bit of heaven earlier with your help and expertise? With gratitude, Denis

  4. Hello Sandy, my husband and I are traveling to Assisi to walk as pilgrims to Rome, beginning late September 2015. I’ve been trying to research the route and possible accommodation and have so many questions! I don’t mind having arrangements a bit loose and trusting God, but I feel I’m not really prepared for this walk. I walked the Camino Frances from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago 2013 and can’t wait to walk as a pilgrim again. Is there any chance of purchasing your book, even in early form, prior to our trip? Many thanks! Via con Dios

    • Hi Tatiana ~ Thank you for your note and congratulations on your upcoming pilgrimage. Late September should be a beautiful time for this walk. I’ve made a deal with people who are walking before the book is available: if they send me proof of their pre-purchase of the book I will send a PDF of the final galleys of the book. That includes accommodation info, pictures, maps, and the entire text with only tiny edits prior to publication. I’m not sure what country you live in, but if you’re in the US you can order via Barnes and Noble’s website. If you’re in UK you can pre-order through the publisher, Cicerone Press. Once you’ve done that, please go ahead and send your receipt to me at revsandybrown at gmail dot com. Thanks! – Sandy

  5. Dear Sandy.
    I have to suggest you to revise the itinerary from Firenze as the Via di Francesco goes from Florence to Rignano sull’Arno passing by Bigallo, then from Rignano you climb to Vallombrosa magnificent monastry and then Casentino to go to La Verna.
    If you write me a mail I send you the itinerary.

    • Hi Caterina ~ I’m sending you an email directly. Thanks for your contacting me. I walked Firenze to Rignano to Consuma a few years ago so I know a little something about the first steps of the route you are suggesting. Is there now pilgrim lodging in Rignano? The lack of a place there to stay is one of the reasons I chose an alternate route to La Verna. Looking forward to our conversation. — SB

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