Vineyard art forest walk

Donna, Alma and Halldora in the woods

Day two: Pontassieve to Consuma: 17.8 km (10.7 miles)

A deceptively challenging day. First half up and up through vineyards. Second half up and up through shady forests. In between a delightful visit to the Santa Maria di Ferrano art colony. All our pilgrims did very well.

Start of the day in Pontassieve.

Panorama over Frescobaldi vineyards.

With new friend Rev Thomas Müller.

Random castle.

Thomas describes Santa Maria’s mission.

Gary placing markers.

Forested walk.

2 thoughts on “Vineyard art forest walk

  1. We are one day behind you having walk to Pontassieve today. Met fellow pilgrims Gerry and Alice from the USA. Hope to catch up with our fellow Australians tomorrow. Thanks for the markers they were reassuring.

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