Up and up to Camaldoli hermitage and monastery

Looking back toward Stia and the Upper Arno Valley

Day four: Stia to Camaldoli — 21.8 km (13.5 miles)

Passport lost and found, mountain climbed, hermitage and monastery explored. We arrived Camaldoli village about 3:15 and are settling into this green and peaceful paradise.

Our group gathers at Madonna del Poggio for our daily group shot.

Above the Franciscan convent above Stia.

Huge view.


After the climb a gentle road.

Luke surveys the town before we leave.

2 thoughts on “Up and up to Camaldoli hermitage and monastery

  1. Hi Sandy my road compagnon! Your book contains very clear description of the road. Thanks a lot.
    Just did the section between Pieve Santo Stefano and Sansepolcro today. Definitely the tough, dangerous and confusing part is going out of Pieve, past Euro Hotel. Walking sticks are a essential asset there, as well as long pants because of the bushes that invade the path. I was relieved when I got to the gravEl pit without killing myself or getting lost!
    * Monastero sta Cécilia . Cittá di castello : 3711886742 (they don’t answer to emails)
    Ask for Angelica. Maybe you already knew.

    Grazie mille !

    Michel Rondeau. Montréal, Canada

    • Hi Michel. Thanks for your feedback. It’s clear from yours and other comments that we’ll need to change the trail after Pieve SS due to the lugging that has ruined the path. Another pilgrim from a few days ago has a good suggestion. I’ll confirm it when I’m there on Monday. Meantime I’m glad you’re safe and hope you’re enjoying yourself!

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