Walking, raining, vanning, exploring

St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio are backdrop for the day’s group selfie

Day 14: Gubbio to Biscina — 8km (5 miles)

From the start of the day black clouds hovered over us, so after visiting the Wolf Church in Gubbio and walking into the Chiascio Valley we were happy to find ourselves ensconced in the dining room of an agriturismo as a thunderstorm raged around us. After a pasta/panino lunch we took the van to a remote church where we inspected its fresco. Afterward we explored ruins of a castle and finished the evening with a concert by Luke and dinner at our overnight location. We’re all hoping for better weather tomorrow, our penultimate day.

Our wonderful Gubbio friends hosted us for a celebration of tozzetti and vin santo.

Fonte at Ponte di Ricchio

Frescoes at Eremo San Pietro in Vigneto.

Pilgrims leave memories at Madonna delle Grazie.

Entry gate at Castello Biscina.

Biscina castle tower can be seen for many miles.

Story of the castle.