Rest day trip to Greccio brings visions of Christmas

The bronze Saint makes a point

Rest day in Rieti

Long ago we scheduled a rest day here to give our pilgrims a break. They celebrated the special day by scattering all over town in the morning. In the afternoon we loaded up a van and drove to Greccio, scene of the first Natvity crèche, a brilliant, viral idea of Francis.

What decades of unresolved anger looks like.

Aussie couple Brian and Shirley are finishing up their walk to Rome using a certain guidebook.

So is touring Rieti the equivalent of navel gazing?

Thirteenth century fresco remembers Francis and the nativity scene.

The church at Greccio includes nativity scenes from all over the world, including this one.

And this grand one.

And this tiny one.

Mural on tiles.

Luke was enlisted by a friar to help arrange a bulletin board.